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About Angel Holistic Range

Angel Holistic Range is in spiritual services such a reiki, Pranic and tarot reading since 2017 but in Covid 2020 when I was home and wanted to do something different that I could curate and which would contribute to my family, freinds and followers I started making energised bath salts and foot soaks which have many benefits such cleansing aura, removing unwanted energies and keep your energy body positive and helps in healing pain too , first I shared these as sample and got really very good feedback which allowed me to do more and create a whole range of bath salts today I make 9 different bath salts and 5 different foot soaks .The big achievement was when I got order for hampers and I did curate lovely aroma energised hamper in 2020 for a hr company who bought 35 packs which included bath blend which is again a unique creation where we layer salt and then crushed soap and then layer it again with herbs, aura spray which also I make without any chemical and handcrafted bath salt 🙂