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About Apeksha Nagia

Apeksha Nagia is an interior designer with experience of over 20 years. She is the cofounder and codirector of Metricchants Design Attributes Pvt Ltd. The company designs green and sustainable buildings. She is highly compassionate about natural lights, air quality and happiness quotient of the occupants of the spaces she designs. She brings in aesthetics also in a way that empowers Indian artisans and craftsmen. Her projects are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals of UN. Sustainability and biophillic concepts are at core. She has been trained by great faculties like B V Doshi, H. Kumar Vyas, Yatin Pandya, K. B. Jain, Krishna Sashtri, Kirit Patel, Walter D’souza, Alice Varkey, Rajesh Sagara and many others in the field of design. She is also trained by great leaders and coaches like Marc Attran, Robert RIopel, Blair SInger, Thadeus Lawrence, Rahul Jain, Akshar Yadav and she continues to remain motivated by attending different trainings.
She now motivates younger generation as a jury member to design students at G D Goenka University and doing a field trip. She recently authored a book Get Them Started that got launched in International Book Fair 2023 in Delhi. This is her attempt to reach out to business owners, bootstrappers and funded start ups to make their businesses thrive and how good work environment boosts high productivity. Her all actions are for the purpose of life – The purpose of my life is to nurture mankind through sustainable habitats both for work and live.