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CHt. Nira Patel - Fempreneur Conference & Awards 2022

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For Award "COVID Warrior - Counsellor Award"

About CHt. Nira Patel

I am CHt. Nira Patel, A Clinical Psychologist, Clinical hypnotherapist,Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Healer. I believe that if a person gets to know how to achieve balance in his or her life can always have a peaceful mind and I try to do the same for my patients.

My Philosophy
Well-being, success, Prosperity, Mental Health, Physical health so on and so forth. What do they all have in common?
You might think of positivity, happiness etc., but the answer is balance. We as humans are always in pursuit of balance. We define it in different terms like Will Smiths – Pursuit of Happiness, Christopher Nolan – Inception but the end goal is always balance.