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For Award "COVID Warrior - Medical Support Award"

About Dr. Ishani Hanspal

Dr Ishani Hanspal is specialist doctor of preventive medicine. She was the first time mother of a 10 month baby when in Sept 2020 the second wave of COVID infection hit.
Dr Ishani thought she can best use her knowledge of public health and community medicine and help those who have mild to moderate COVID infection. Patients were running to hospitals out of panic. Exorbitant Hospital bills, unwarranted medication, mental trauma was all she felt can be easily avoided if these patients can be provided holistic help at home.
From the platform of TotalRehab, she started virtual consultations and guidance to COVID patients. Proper diet, required chest physiotherapy in addition to personalised medication helped them to recover early, prevent long COVID symptoms. Also associated chronic diseases were kept under control. Over and above, this involvement of hers could save medical bills of the patients and also avoid loading of hospital facility.

Patients from different cities in India were provided help at a reasonable cost. Rural people were provided the service free of cost.
Providing such service to those who are already stressed is a difficult task. Dr Ishani successfully offered her services 24×7 in addition to taking care of her 10 months baby .
This dedication and commitment of her services is appreciated by those 100+ patients who benefited.