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Dr. Manali Tetar- Fempreneur 2023

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About Dr. Manali Tetar

Helping in restoring the natural movements of the body post injuries or accidents, “Dr. MANALI TETAR” in NEW RANIP, Ahmedabad is one of the leading physiotherapists in the city. From fitness enthusiasts to sportsmen to someone involved in a desk job, issues causing severe joint and muscle pain have become quite common and offering relief from these through various physical treatments and exercises is this physiotherapist. Whether the discomfort is due to an injury, an accident or because of lifestyle, the doctor studies the root cause of its severity and then suggest the course of exercise regimen to be followed. In addition to conducting the physical treatment routine at the centre, I lay equal emphasis on routines to be followed at home as well. Right now I do personal visit in entire Ahmedabad which makes it possible for people to avail best treatment.