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About Dr. Nehal Gajera

Researcher, innovator, healer, humanist, Dr Nehal ranks among the most influential leaders in the field of integrated health and stress management.
Dr Nehal gajera is the founder of ‘Say goodbye to diabetes ’. Taking a keen interest in creating vibrant health for masses since her early medical career, Dr Nehal has singularly focused on creating a diabetes-free society and medicine free life for the last 7 years.
After finishing her BHMS from R.K.Homoeopathic medical college and research institute Aanad, Dr Nehal obtained a Professional Certificate in food and nutrition clinical nutrition from ingou. A firm believer of the holistic approach, the principles of natural cure inspired Dr.Nehal to complete certified courses in Advanced Yoga & Ayurveda from Indian institute of alternative therapies and Her passion to learn more about how health can be improved made her undergo many other courses like The Art of Living, Brahma–Vidya, Dream Therapy, Healing, Re-evaluation Co-counselling, Reiki, Siddha Samadhi Yoga and Vipassana Meditation. Food Nutrition n health, Diploma in sports n exercise nutrition, Diploma in child nutrition, Certification in homoeopathic dermatology, certification in ayush clinical research(moringa),Hospital management, Post-graduation diploma in prenatal care and education, Garbhsanskar teachers trainer, Certificate in Journey of first one thousand days of life continue and many more …….