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Dr. Samita Pandya - Fempreneur Conference & Awards 2022

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For Award "COVID Warrior - Counsellor Award"

About Dr. Samita Pandya

“Always wondered why somebody did not do something for the society, Then I realized I was that somebody.”
With this thought in mind Ms.Samita Pandya a Young and dynamic Graphologist started her journey to make the citizens of today the better citizens of tomorrow. She is a renowned handwriting-signature analyst and holds a masters degree in Graphology ,MSC in psychology, double post graduate for councelling in psychological disorder and a certified tarot card reader.

Ms.Samita Pandya never limited herself to a particular zone. She started her career as a graphologist in 2006-07 and successfully trained more than 25000 students and continues to train more students till date. She has been a counselor since 2009 and has helped more than 6000 counselees from different walks of life. Some of the courses which is provided by Ms samita are Handwriting, Signature analysis,Graphology, positive thinking and parenting workshop, Stress relief workshop for kids and many more.
Someone has rightly said that there is no great teacher than life and no better lesson learnt than experience. With such phenomenal thought Ms.Samita Pandya has successfully completed 16 years in Graphology, 13 years as a counselor, 10 years as a tarot card reader.