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About Dr. Shalini Guggnani

Dr. Shalini Guggnani ( M.phill, Ph.d) An Author of book HOME STORIES” Know what your home vibrates, is a scientific Vastu expert, Numerologist and a Geo energy consultant, is a name that has been renowned for her expertise in the field of Energy Sciences in Occult Science since 2004 . Her keen interest in the vastu helped her to attain M.phill and then later P.hd in Vastu in 2010. With a vast knowledge in the field of human psychology spiritualism, she has been practicing and in these 18 years ,not only she has gained wonderful and diversified experience but has also gained the affection and trust of so many people to whom she provided holistic guidance and healings. She has been into other healing modalities such as Tarot Card reading and Frequency Healing. Awarded with many accolades and recognitions, She is being featured in a book on Woman Entrepreneurs ‘Inspiring Entrepreneurs-A journey from Can I to I Can’ .She has been handling independent projects and is an expert in working with scientific instruments like Lecher Antenna and Ultimate energy scanner to detect the presence of intense energies at various levels. She also deals with manufacturing and training of these scientific instruments that are complicated to operate and handle for new users .. The people for whom she has been an messiah of happiness and success have shared their satisfactory experiences and how their days just transformed into better days of life. She is currently heading and also conducting classes at Vaastu Science Research foundation , Disha Institute of Vaastu and also conducts a lot of workshops throughout the year increasing awareness about how people can attain progress and happiness with the proper usage of this science and spirituality as an engineering to develop a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. She has featured in various magazines that have helped a lot of people to connect to her and get remedies of their problems. Also many programs on Geopathic Stress energies given by her have been telecasted on premier Channels like Zee business, India News, NewsX, Kaatyani TV, HNN. Since proper guidance is a helping hand that can provide a healing touch to all the past miseries and problems, Dr. Shalini Gugnani , is definitely an expert, a determined mentor and an angel who is utilizing her immense knowledge to construct lives of those who approach her for help.