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For Award "COVID Warrior - Medical Support Award"

About Dr. Shilpa Bansal Chavan

Dr Shilpa Bansal Chavan is a Consultant homeopath and clinical Dietician. She has in her portfolio 35+ years medical career experience as a homeopath including 8 years experience as a clinical dietician.

In the Homeopathic Medicine Field she has Many success stories with regards to cases of hormonal issues,P.c.o.d , hypothyroidism, lifestyle diseases, skincases, mental illnesses, women’s heath issues and so on.

She is a National Award winner in Dietetics from the World Education Convention. She has also won the India Inspirational Women Awards for Medical Services.
Her clinic, Sankeel Health and Wellbeing Clinic has been given Exellence Award in Health and Wellness Industry 2021 by Vyapar Jagat.