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For Award "Fempreneur Award - Literature"

About Hardi Oza Patel

I remember seeing an aeroplane for the first time when I was Four. And that was when I decided to either travel the world or pursue a career in astronomy. Stars, the moon, and galaxies continue to fascinate me to the core. So, driven by my passion for travel and desire to explore the world, I founded my travel company 11 years ago.

It stemmed from my vision to provide accurate travel suggestions for people. I wanted to get across the idea that travelling is about experiencing a place’s culture, cuisines, festivals, language, traditions, architecture, and music rather than just touching it. My passion for travel knows no bounds, and it is my goal to help as many people as I can travel responsibly. Throughout this wonderful 11-year period, I have visited and experienced a major share of the world’s diverse destinations. I have tried to fill my travelogue with unique experiences, such as dining with lions to having brunch with Orangutans and sipping tea by the lake to staying in a glass house.