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About Hema Acharya

Hema Acharya is a BSc(Physics) graduate and then did a diploma in Computer Science. She joined CassaGroup 1998 as an accountant having done some work in other companies as an admin and accounts person. Her innate understanding of accounts and working with computers made her an early adapter of accounting using Tally software making her switch from her physics education to a full time accounts professional. Today as a Senior Manager of Admin and Accounts at CassaGroup, she is an important member responsible for the groups day to day running and smooth operations for the past 24 years.

Her insight and foresight with regards to managing people, resources and finance at CassaGroup is an integral part of the group’s success.

Such a long stint in an organisation does not only indicate unwavering loyalty on her part but also talks about her valuable contribution to the organisation.

Apart from her work, she has interest in old songs, looking at new innovative designs and reading and spreading good encouraging thoughts which she spreads through company whattsapp group to all.