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About Neha Ved WordPreneur®️

Neha Ved WordPreneur®️ is an award-winning Content Strategist, MediaConsultant and Brand Storyteller. She’s the Founder and Chief Content Strategist of PenVmedia®️, a creative content studio built on the premise ‘Content is the Hero that propagates your Brand Story’. The studio offers a bouquet of strategic content, branding and promotion services. It is committed to evolving brands through effective and meaningful content across avenues such as websites, social media, media publications, blogs, emails, marketing collaterals and other communication mediums.
Armed with over 16 years of experience in writing, editing, strategy and media communications, she has worked closely with some of the leading media and publishing houses, top brands and CEOs to create content that boosts personal and company branding.
She also offers editorial consulting and editing services for manuscripts, mentoring industry leaders and aspirants. She has edited a host of books, including autobiographies, self-help, personal transformation, fiction, 4 of which are bestsellers. She herself is a published author and poet, with 8 World Record holding Anthologies to her credit. She’s also the National Vice President of WICCI (Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) National Reproductive Health and Rights.