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For Award "Excellence in Health & Wellness business Award"

About Nourish Your Roots by Neha

Neha Pandey is an accomplished Health & Lifestyle Consultant who has been boosting the health quotient of many with her novel nutrition consultation for more than 16 years. Studied in Bangalore, she thrived in her early career journey in automobile & healthcare sectors. The gastronome hidden within her soon fueled her passion for food, driving her to pursue professional education in ‘Herbs & Spices in Diet for Holistic Health’.
Since over a decade and a half, Neha has been ardently pursuing her quest to alleviate people of their physical & emotional ailments with her diet consult. A food-fanatic at heart, she believes in savoring every bit of flavor the delicacies have to offer. And it is this very ardor that led her to integrate the delights of food in the main-stream of balanced nutrition. Fading the conventional fads & fears around healthy diet, she urges to adopt simplistic approach towards eating. Combining the wisdom of traditional food with the science of nutrition, she helps her esteemed clients rejuvenate themselves with the delectable wholesome diet. Her unconventional nutrition consultations are focused on holistic nutrition and are highly sought after by her Page 3 & celebrity clients.
Neha believes that the Indian kitchen houses a plethora of vital nutritive ingredients that can be used to cure many illnesses. And amongst them, the spices are one to wear the crown. With her education in herbs & spices, and determination to implement the ancient nutrition practices for holistic health, she pioneered in Spices’-based Balanced Nutrition & became the first-of dietician to provide nutrition consultation based on spices. As a Clinical Dietician, she works closely with patients with PCOD & other hormonal issues, kidney & liver problems, open-heart surgery patients. She has treated such patients with her ground-breaking spice’s-based balanced holistic nutrition approach to even reverse the growth of cancer. Her solicitous & compassionate endeavors were even published as an article on Lifestyle Management in City Bhaskar, Ahmedabad in December 2016 and was also a Brand Ambassador for Kalpavriksha brand.
Neha expresses her persona through her diverse engagements. She believes that a woman cannot & should not confine herself in the identity of being only one person. She is empowered with the capacity to create and grow beyond the imagination of creation. And it is through her work, she can create meaning and add value to the lives of those around her. With her inspiring drive, she collaborates with quality-conscious people and brands to help them grow to next level.