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About Panam Shroff

Panam Shroff, a 26 years old musician from Ahmedabad who has completed 8 grades examinations from International boards of Trinity college london, ABRSM and LCM and she has been performing live shows from 8 years across India. She has performed over 500+ shows with her own band called ‘Panam Shroff Collective’.

Due to her love for art and music she decided to spread her musical knowledge in maximum possible way. She founded a music academy in 2016 under her name called ‘Panam Shroff Academy of Music’. It’s also affiliated with Trinity college London. She has mentored and prepared more than 700+ students of all age groups from 4 years to 60 years across the globe conducting offline and online classes. As she being performer she guides her students for the stage performances as well. She also conducts school visits to make students, parents and teachers aware how music affect psychologically and helps shaping the personalities and bright future from young age.

She aims to continue spreading the music through both live shows and academy.