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Poonam Khanna - Fempreneur 2023

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Poonam Khanna- Fempreneur 2023

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About Poonam Khanna

Poonam Khanna is a renowned Tarot card reader and a healer. She has successfully authored two books namely
1. Taropathy – Endless Future
This book is like having an astrologer at your service 24*7. Any doubt or question a person has about his problems he can get a solution out of this tarot guidebook.  We have books which give yearly future for each sunsign  but this book is unique. It doesn’t have any expiry date.  It can be used any no of times in the day by people of any age group. As the book’s name suggests it provides you with endless future.
2. The magic of crystal healings. It has complete details of all crystals.

She has been offering her learnings and valuable teachings in the interesting field of occult sciences for the past 28 years. Her students have gained success in India and abroad. Mrs khanna herself has achieved success globally with clients ranging from china Indonesia Dubai America Canada Singapore Japan to name a few.  Though Tarot and Crystals are close to her heart, Poonam Khanna has also achieved degrees in Past life regression, Mantra Tantra and Yantra, Reiki, Aura healing, Pranik healing, angel healing , Magnet healing, Vastu and Advanced Meditation techniques. Photography , chakra healings And balancing, Mantra and Yantra Making and Various healings
You can also catch her on various news channels and talk shows ardently discussing and giving suggestions to people on her expertise. Her articles in Divya Bhaskar in crystals have been well appreciated. She has passed down her knowledge on these topics to other students through lectures in various colleges.
Poonam Khanna is also working with different NGO’s and helping them gives her tremendous amount of joy, peace and happiness.