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About Rejula Mustafa

Founded in 2016 headquartered in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu. Jula professional tailoring was primarily involved in a clothing business. starting my business with two machines I have today progressed to 10 (domestic and industrial )machines. Being 100% founder owned concern intially my focus on tailor-made ladies and children’s out fits but recently in 2019 I stepped in to new line of business manufacturing and selling disposable handmade herbal sanitary napkins.
The driving force to start this business was based on two reasons: Personal hygiene and social concern.Personally I had faced minor but several health issues using the locally available pads sold in the market. I started becoming concerned about the health of my family and friends and all the womenfolk in general.once relaise about the regular pads, I had learned that syethetic pad caused health issues and contained chemical like chlorine and artificial fragrances along with plastic based fiber, moreover making pads using the biodegradable non-woven fabric will be safe for our environmental too.Keeping all this in my mind I felt the need and urge to come up with this product.
This product contains pure cotton ( surgical) and herbs with biodegradable non-woven fabric .safe and hygiene for women overall health and earth also.