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For Award "Entrepreneur of the Year in Trading Business"

About Rekha Jayesh Saluja

Rekha Saluja
(Brief Profile)
I chose to create an opportunity for myself in the field that is
predominately a male-oriented business. Despite having all the odds
against me I created inroads in the Petrol pump business that happens
to be a trendsetter in the State of Gujarat.
Today I am running a Retail Outlet of Indian Oil Corporation on National
Highway, being a women it added many challenges. The Retail Outlet
remains open 24X7, 365 days a year and I resolved to provide better
customer experience with every transaction.
Being at the helm of operations of the Retail Outlet, it was upon me to
decide how I need to organize and manage my team. The team looks up
to be able to lead from the front and set the benchmarks of
Born and brought up in a small town in Surendranagar, Gujarat I later
came to Ahmedabad in 1990 for Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism. I
did my PG Certification in Banking Management.
My family always encouraged me to approach life confidently and
achieve my goals independently. I strongly believe that the future
belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. And my
dream came true when I got an opportunity to be a Dealer of Indian Oil
Corporation Ltd. I always wanted to run my own business someday. I
explored multiple options available in the market & that’s when I got to
know about Dealership of Indian Oil, I was intrigued by the proposition
and immediately applied. As days went by, my excitement of running the
Retail Outlet only grew larger.
Today the Retail outlet has an Annual Turnover of around 14 Crs. I,
together with my empowered staff members, am proudly serving
customers with a great experience. I got an opportunity to demonstrate
my acumen in the following areas of customer service, retail operations,
P&L management.


I received recognitions from various sections of Media from time to time.
➢ My business achievements found place in the ‘UDHAMI’ –
Successful Women Entrepreneurs of Gujarat, A book of Gujarat
Chamber of Commerce & Industries in September 2021.
➢ Featured on Facebook page of Gujarati.news18.com in April
➢ In March 2020 featured on Digital wall – Humans of Amdavad,
the community wall that shares the stories of Moments of
Ahmedabad and Inspiring Stories of common man.
➢ In March 2020 had a distinction of getting a cover story on
International Women Day on News18 Gujarati TV.
➢ Interviewed by RJ Ekta Sandhir on Instagram, an episode of “Its
Woman’s World”
➢ In March 2019 featured on International Women’s Day on GSTV.
➢ Served Doordarshan Ahmedabad and Anchored various Gujarati
programs & also as Announcer from 1997-2002.