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About Richa M Goyal

Richa M Goyal, FCS, LLB and Trademark Attorney, is the owner of Richa Manoj Goyal & Associates.
Richa Goyal & Associates is a Multidisciplinary firm having expertise in multiple areas of law such as Corporate Law , Intellectual Property Rights, Drafting Legal Agreements, goods and services tx and the Recovery of Debts. To go further into detail, our team which includes various Company Secretaries and Lawyers caters to Corporate Law matter such as Company/LLP Incorporation, Compliances , Merger and Amalgamation, Matters in the NCLT, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and the Listing of Companies, goods and services tax. Furthermore, having expertise in IPR law and Richa Goyal being an trademark attorney, provide services of IPR Registration and Licensing, Protection of Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs and Patents on a National as well as International level and their clients include various international and national level brands and also Draft and Review legal agreements.
Being a Trademark Attorney myself under the Start-up India Scheme, we aim to help companies protect their brands locally and globally.
Along with this, Richa M. Goyal is also an independent director in Ami Organics Ltd, Waree Energies Ltd, Bikaji foods Ltd & Shahloan Industries Ltd..