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Riddhi Sharma - Fempreneur Conference & Awards 2022

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For Award "Best Mompreneur of the Year"

About Riddhi Sharma

Riddhi Sharma is a passionate mother and a dynamic entrepreneur who has started dedicated babycare brand BabyOrgano in March 2019. Being inspired from our ancient aged old Ayurveda culture she has decided to reintroduce those ayurvedic culture to the Modern mothers who are do not have knowledge of immense benefits of Ayurvedic prodcuts.

Despite of launching a brand during covid time, Babyorgano has achieved the sales target of 3 lacs in the very first month and growing continuesouly after that. We have served to more than 20,000 kids so far and counting is still increasing through offlien market itself. Founder Riddhi Sharma recently got the awards of Baby care 1enterprenuer of the year by PIFA2022. Other than that brand is featured in TOI, Hidustan times and many other newspapers.

With the vision of creating a better future of India, Babyorgano is taking its steps towards making the next generation mentally and physically strong with the help of our ancient Ayurveda culture.