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Shubh Vastu- Fempreneur 2023

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About Shubh Vastu

Hello. Ami Oza – The Vastu Expert here.
From being an entrepreneur for 20 years to now a Vastu shastra consultant, this journey has been a wonderful one. While being the business owner of three shops in Ahmedabad over the last two decades,and received pretigious award from GUJARAT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE , I learnt that the right architecture for my shops – from design, layout, space arrangement – all of it, directly contributed to the positive energies in my employees and our surroundings.

Am very glad to share that I have ventured onto another journey of being a ‘Vastu Consultant’. I’m honored to have studied Master’s Degree in Vastu Shastra.

About Shubh Vastu: my team and I take great pride in presenting the best of Vastu services where we provide appropriate solutions that can enhance your life to help you achieve peace, happiness, and contentment. SMALL CHANGES CAN MAKE MIRACLES.We provide online consultations globally across the USA, UK, Australia, Europe, and of course all across India.
As they say, ‘It’s not how big the house his, it’s how happy they home is !’
Now, I am nominated for the most pretigious award, FEMPRENUER 2023. I request you to pls do a vote on this form, comment, and share it with your friends and relatives.