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Challenges always have been fascinating to me.. I hold special interest in chronic pains. I understand pains better than the other pain practitioners as I have experienced it right from childhood. Born with feet deformity I was bullied by classmates in school, I have faced humiliation from others at school and outside who suspected my capability. I underwent multiple surgeries between 5-7 years of her age. The post-operative pains and the pain during rehabilitation cannot be forgotten. The determination to prove that I am no less than anyone else, in fact better than those so called normal people, I worked hard with everything. I played table tennis daily and represented my school in the nationals. No one can understand the pain in my legs and the remedies I adopted to make it less. Later in life my hip, knee, back and neck developed off and on pains because of my altered biomechanics. I involved myself in all co-curricular activities of school and ensured that I win.
I graduated as a physiotherapist from Govt Medical College Nagpur and specialised in orthopedic and sports physiotherapy from AIIPM&R, Mumbai. During my masters, I saw patients with joint deformities and restricted movements receiving disability certificates. But there were many who had pains affecting every aspect of their living, yet could not be certified disabled. My interest into chronic pains started building. From my experience I had understood that pain requires intervention beyond management.
In 2004, I started my independent clinical practice in Chennai , recognised pain as a disability and introduced the concept of pain rehab. I believed that relief from pain is not enough; a person has to recover from pain. TotalRehab was formed in 2009 with the objective of helping more and more people with chronic pains. mental, psychological, social aspects were equally paid attention while providing relief from pain using physiotherapy and kinesiotherapy. Soon I realized that though patients with pains recovered their daily activities, but any activity like holidays or attending functions were not very comfortable. This was because of compromised fitness levels, For this I introduced the medical gym concept for the first time in country for fitness in people with chronic pains. Till date, my TotalRehab has helped more than 10000 patients. The fact that get 95% of our clients by word of mouth canvassing, points towards the excellence in our service and customer satisfaction.
The changed lifestyle of people during COVID brought in so many people with pains. Many developed pains as consequence of COVID infections. Total Rehab started COVID care for mild and moderate cases via virtual mode with help of a medical doctor. Our observations during this activity prompted me to categorically implement concept of lifestyle medicine in chronic pains.