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About VHUM Social Selfhelp Group

Parul Attarwala..A young and enthusiastic individual with a good academic background, M.A in Economics and M.Ed in Education. She is founder and promoter of DESI JUGAAD – fast food retail. She is founder director of VHUM Foundation for kids and feminine. She is VP Business and Ahmedabad Vibrant – JCI. She is certified professional trainer at EDII for women entrepreneurship and special able entrepreneurs. She has over 16 years of Academic experience as an Assistant Professor at KSV University in education Department at Kadi.
She has attended many training programs, workshops, conferences in the field of entrepreneurship as well as education. She has also published Research papers in noted Journals. She has also conducted various workshops for social development through her VHUM Foundation. She is very humble, determined person and willing to work for the society. She is a speaker, writer, traveller and artist. She delivers lectures in various Colleges and Institutes on women development and empowerment.