Fempreneur 2023

ABOUT FEMPRENEUR 2023 Women Entrepreneur powering the AATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT

1Million Entrepreneurs International Forum (Non-Government, Not for profit organization) in association with VyapaarJagat.com is celebrating International Women’s Day by organizing Fempreneur 2023 which will be held on 19th March 2023 at AMA, Ahmedabad to recognize and reward the efforts of the Woman Entrepreneurs in India, that have the potential to enable the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Vision to make India an Aatma Nirbhar Bharat in the coming years. By acknowledging and encouraging upcoming Indian women entrepreneurs to develop products and services locally and shift the focus on India’s resources and skills, we can turn India into a self-reliant economy and powerful global industrial hub.

Fempreneur 2023 is India’s most prestigious honour that recognises and celebrates the best small to medium Business Visionaries with a number of notable award categories to choose from, this one-stop platform will bring together leading Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, SMEs, Investors, Global Luminaries, Indian Government officials, etc under one roof.

This event will provide a uniquely immersive experience to more than 500+ delegates at the Fempreneur 2023. The aim is to create new knowledge, survival manual strategies and connections that are needed to start and grow a business. Join us in our endeavour to redefine the notion of Entrepreneurship.


  • Physical event with Networking & Entertainment
  • 500+ Woman Entrepreneurs coming from PAN India
  • 50+ Winner’s felicitation
  • 15+ Exhibitors
  • 100+ Delegates & Investors
  • Wide Media Coverages
  • Networking & Collaborations
  • Relationships building opportunities

Through this initiative, Woman Entrepreneurs will not only benefit from the recognition but will also attract lucrative financial, partnership, business support and talented human resource to their entities. They will also act as an inspiration to the youth of India to start up something on their own.

Looking forward to your time and consent to join us in our mission to nurture and encourage more entrepreneurship.

“We are delighted to be organising this momentous event to raise awareness, impart knowledge, encourage mutual learning, and recognise the national achievements of Woman Ahead Startups & MSME entrepreneurs” said Pravin Parmar, Founder of VyapaarJagat.com


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1Million Entrepreneurs International Forum is Non-Government, Not for profit organization working towards the mission to enhance lives of more than one million entrepreneurs through various events, talk shows, recognitions etc…


VyapaarJagat.com, founded by Dr. Pravin Parmar, is one of the fastest growing online business media platforms devoted to highlighting visionary entrepreneurs’ business success stories. It aims to promote entrepreneurship and believes in strengthening emerging and established enterprises by showcasing their success stories to the world. It also aspires to create a sustainable and holistic global entrepreneurial ecosystem by sharing inspiring stories of firms, startups, and entrepreneurs.

In other words, the portal is a seamless blend of inspiration and aspiration!


Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others. This proverb is apt for Dr. Pravin Parmar, a young and thoughtful entrepreneur.

Hailing from a remote and a non-descript village of Botad in Gujarat, Dr. Parmar has taken the road less traveled. After completing his technical education, it was a small yet powerful thought that made Dr Parmar decide that he would want to grow, but not alone. That is why all of his ventures in general and Vyapaar Jagat in specific focuses at bringing business entities together for mutual growth.

“Everyone knows of success stories, but I believe that people must speak more about their failures that they faced before tasting success. No Steve Jobs or Dhirubai Ambani or Jeff Bezos was made in a day. Through VyapaarJagat, I want to bring to the forefront the stories of aspirations, attempts of people that met failures before reaching to the skies,” says Dr. Parmar.